The story of American Graphix Solutions is the story of an American small business growing alongside our local community and our nation. It’s also the story of innovation and a company adapting to changes in technology in order to stay relevant and meet the growing demands of a diverse range of customers.

Originally founded in Orlando in 1973 by Eugene V. Coons, American Graphix Solutions began as “Gene’s Blueprint Service” on South Orange Avenue in Orlando. From these humble beginnings as a business designed to meet the needs of architects and contractors across the growing Central Florida region, the company began to grow.

Three years after opening its doors, the company was already expanding, taking on new partner Robert “Bob” Smith and David Moore, the company moved to a bigger location in Winter Park. Now providing additional services the company changed its name to American Blueprinting & Supply.

In the late 1970s, the business was incorporated as Bob who eventually bought out his other partners purchased the rest of the business, becoming the sole owner of the company. Throughout the 80’s American Blueprinting & Supply Inc. expanded its services even more, integrating new technologies, printing techniques and more custom services into its business model.

To accurately reflect the business at the time, the company updated its name to become American Reprographics. Throughout the 1990s, American Reprographics focused on implementing and perfecting the latest advancements in color printing and diversifying its portfolio of services. In 1998 the company now owned by Bob moved into a large warehouse facility located in the heart of old Winter Park at 750 Clay Street, it is the location the company still resides at today.

The business has remained within the Smith family ever since. In 2010, owner Troy Smith passed away leaving ownership to his wife Tammy Smith. Today, known as American Graphix Solutions, the company provides a diverse range of printing, design and fulfillment services that represent the latest in printing technology and marketing solutions.

“After working side-by-side with my late husband, these past 23 years of experience has given me insight into the world of digital printing and it’s my hope to continue in the family tradition of providing our customers with quality products, dependability and service at a competitive price. We have an established client base that depends on our company for fullfilling their digital printing needs. We are constantly seeking and developing new business to promote the increased growth and success of American Graphix Solutions.”

– Tammy Smith





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